Helping Business Owners Identify & Correct The Fundamental Marketing Problems Keeping Them From Success. Get the facts. Get advice. Get the answers to all your marketing questions. gITnoticed® Marketing sets standards, restores sanity, provides no-nonsense answers, and creates quality materials that work.

Marketing Education & Resources For Small Business Owners

Get Educated! Learn what makes good marketing sense, save time and money, make a profit, and have some fun! gITnoticed® Marketing can show you how.

Comprehensive, Multi-Channel, Strategic Marketing Plans for Small Business Owners

Get A Plan! The economy isn't the problem, a lack of planning is. Find out how easy it is to get from where you are to where you want to be, with your personalized gITnoticed® Marking Plan.

Marketing Consulting and Services for Small Business Owners

Get Your Marketing Off The Ground And Get Noticed! Have gITnoticed® Marketing set up your company's marketing programs. Work directly with Toby Skelly, The CMO for Small Business Owners™.

  • Should I expand with an e-commerce site or a second store front?
  • Should I add a new product line, or create my own
  • Is it my way of advertising, or what's on the menu
that needs to change?
  • If we update our website, will we get more
  • Who is our primary target market, and what should we be telling them about our company?
  • Where should I be advertising: In print, online, or in new media?
  • Is this the right time to hire a new employee?
  • What type of discount program should I offer
my client base?
  • What is the right business model for my specialty
  • What is the most cost effective way to get new potential customers into my shop?
  • I have a lot of competition; How can my salon
stand out?
  • How can I keep my services affordable while constantly investing in new technology?

Take Control Of Your Marketing:
Get Educated.
Get A Plan.
Get Your Marketing Off The Ground, And
Get Noticed!

gITnoticed® Marketing: Helping individual business
owners create viable, sustainable, profitable
companies with step-by-step, proven, methods!

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